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    Yeah sorry iv been away been doing other shit and stuff with people on other games coz they needed my help i will be more active now well..next week i wont but after that im allll yoursss
  2. Your Name: Thomas Hughes Age: 17 Date of birth: 31/10/2000 Why Are you applying to be DOC? Because i really like to try new things so trying DOC will be a interesting area in a life server so i really want to take that step. Why do you want to join DOC (100 words minimum)?: i want to join because iv always thought of myself as a caring person and people who get locked up arent happy people well most of them..but i want to try and help and do my best for everyone in the facility obviously im not going to wait on the inmates hand and foot but i will listen and do what it takes for them to do there time and leave a new person and if there not a new person a fresh minded individual, alot of people got to prison for just trying to help themselfs to live another day and to help the ones they love the most so if i get approved and selected i will fight for well being and a strong minded mindset to keep everyone safe and well looked after. Why should we accept your application (75 words minimum)?: i believe you should accept my application because i am a strong and hard worker i never give up on what i want and i will fight to make the right decision go through in the situation at the right time even tho i will look after and keep people safe im NOT a push over i wont let any individual get the upper hand on me i also believe you should accept me because im loyal i carefully pick out my life servers and the role and position i want in a server and i chose this one because i believe its gonna be the one to prevail What makes you better qualified for the job than the other applicants (75 words minimum)?: i would say im better qualified than others because i think in depth about any situation im in and my workers are in also i will be on the server and the ts most of the day everyday (i know i got no life) but it is what it is at the end of the day i believe if someone if gonna join something or become apart of something you should be dedicated and loyal and i will be What pervious experience do you have? iv been in multiple life servers as EMS and DOC and lots and lots of milsims (pvp and pve) Do you understand that if you are caught lying on your application you will be denied and suspended from applying for a period of time? i fully understand Do you understand that by applying for DOC you have to obey and follow all SOP's and guidelines within the faction? i fully understand Do you understand that your employment can at any time be terminated by a supervisor or High command if you prove to be unfit for this department? i understand Sign: Thomas Hughes


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